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As the popularity of cannabis has grown and its access has improved, people have begun looking for products with greater potency and varied effects. They’re not satisfied with run-of-the-mill products and want specialized cannabinoids that let them personalize the experience for themselves.

With research into cannabis keeping pace, new forms of cannabis derivatives are being discovered all the time. Delta 8 live resin is one of these derivatives. Delta 8 live resin reviews by users who have tried it are very positive. 

You’ve likely heard of Delta 8 THC — a milder version of Delta 9 THC. It’s derived from hemp and more widely accessible. As such, its popularity has exploded. However, for some people, the milder high isn’t enough. They prefer something more potent and complex — and legal. This is where Delta 8 live resin comes in.

In the following we will review Delta 8 live resin, how it’s made, and its effects.

What Is Delta 8 Live Resin?

Resin is a coating that covers cannabis plant buds. It looks a bit like honey and gives the buds their aroma and sticky texture, and is packed full of cannabinoids and terpenes. It’s the key to the whole cannabis experience, regardless of how you prefer to use it.

However, with typical cannabis extraction methods, you tend to lose a lot of these qualities. Live resin extraction is a method of obtaining these concentrates while preserving the plant’s naturally-occurring elements.

This creates a unique flavor profile and delivers a more interesting experience for users.

How Is Delta 8 Live Resin Made?

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The typical extraction process to make cured resin — your garden-variety Delta 8 concentrate — involves battering, crushing, and waxing the cannabis plant. Crucially, the plant is dried before it’s processed. 

This drying process often leads to oxidation of the trichomes that contain the plant’s terpenes. They’re also exposed to harsh light and heat, all which can diminish their quality and impact. 

However, with live resin extraction, the cannabis plant is frozen immediately after harvest. Once it’s frozen, hemp farms will attempt to process it within the hour at low heat. This process helps preserve the delicate terpenes and, in turn, the aroma and flavor of the plant. It also provides additional benefits in that the terpenes work in harmony with the other elements to provide an entourage effect.

Delta 8 live resin is a product obtained by adding the live-resin terpenes to hemp-derived Delta 8 distillate. This tends to be one of the best ways to enjoy Delta 8, since you can pair the flavor and smell of these terpenes with the high from Delta 8 THC for an incredibly potent experience.

Review of Delta 8 Live Resin Effects

There are a host of benefits to using Delta 8 this way. Delta 8 live resin is a unique product that offers you both a wider palette of effects and enhanced potency.

Delta 8 THC is often thought of as a scaled-down version of Delta 9 THC. Users tend to describe the high as light and euphoric. It’s often a good fit for people who’re trying cannabis for the first time or who simply prefer a moderated high.

With Delta 8 live resin, this is taken to a whole new level. Since the terpenes aren’t oxidized during the extraction process, they’re stronger. You get a cornucopia of full flavors and bold aromas that simply aren’t present in conventionally-extracted cannabis.

What’s more, the effects are enhanced, making for a whole new sensory experience. Delta 8 live resin is also reviewed as a more potent product; it usually contains a minimum of 50% Delta 8 THC and can go as high as 90% or higher.

Broadly speaking, Delta 8 THC helps users avoid some of the potential side effects of Delta 9, such as hallucination, couch-locking, anxiety, or accelerated heartbeat. Delta 8 live resin sustains this moderate high, but provides a more complex and nuanced experience users can enjoy.

How to Use Delta 8 Live Resin?

Delta 8 live resin can be used in a variety of ways, including via disposable vapes, cartridges, and gummies. Users often used it for tapping off joints or bowls, dabbing, and vaping. Since it offers a lower psychotropic potency than Delta 9, it’s a good choice for first-time users of cannabis.

It’s also a great choice for experienced users who want a muted, but more interesting high with a varied flavor profile. Owing to its higher terpene content, Delta 8 live resin is often able to emulate the effects of adult-use strains like Pineapple Express and Gelato.

Is Delta 8 Live Resin Legal?

Delta 8 live resin is federally legal, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s available across the country. Let us explain. 

The 2018 Farm Bill made all hemp-derived products legal across the U.S., as long as they contained 0.3% or less THC content. Delta 8 is derived from hemp and so qualifies, as long as the THC content is under the limit.

However, some states have decided to legally ban Delta 8 within their borders. This means that even though it’s allowed at a federal level, many producers are unable to process orders where the laws are unclear. Check out all the states we’re able to ship to at Zaza THC.

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