Our Story

We started as a dream to get the best quality Delta 8 and related products to our community. Now that dream’s a reality with our gummies, vapes, and carts, all derived from the highest quality hemp oils and terpenes. Each of our custom collections stems from our love for the culture and experience in the business. We’re proud to offer a variety of flavors and experiences and to produce our products while committing to excellent manufacturing practices and meticulous testing behind each. Talk about living the dream!


Our Community Care

As we’ve grown, we’ve focused on giving back to our community in more ways, supporting projects we care about, like The Last Prisoner Project (LPP). LPP is dedicated to cannabis criminal justice reform, focused on changing sentencing policies and laws around the sale and use of cannabis. It’s projects like these that make our community more peaceful and just. Supporting LPP is one small way we at Zaza tries to make a positive impact within our community. 


Our Products

Zaza grew from experience with Delta-8 strands and evolved into a specialization in Delta-8, Delta-9, Delta-10, HHC, and THC-P. We keep our products classic, offering indica, sativa, and hybrid options. Each of our carts, vapes, and gummies comes in a variety of cannabinoid options, helping you vibe, chill, or ride high – whatever you need, we got. Plus, we’re so confident in our quality we’ll replace any purchase you make that isn’t up to our standards. We’re here to spread smiles that keep growing.


Our Promise to the Zaza Community

We’re all about quality and experience, down to the last detail. No tricks or gimmicks, just the good stuff to share with the Zaza crew. Making you smile is our drive; we know our clean, flavorful products will get that grin. No passing fads or trends – we want to create an original experience for our unique crew. It’s about enjoying yourself and letting your freak flag fly proudly. Smile and Enjoy!